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A T1 line is a dedicated digital connection that supports up to 1.54 megabits per second transfer speed. Fractional T1s range in speed from 128k to 768kbps (1544 kbps being a full T1). T1 service is more expensive than DSL, but is much more reliable. A T1 line is best for a mission critical business connection.

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Same technology as a T1, but you pay as you go. A low flat fee from $75-$150 is charged monthly plus your usage with a total cap of $400-550. A Metered T1 line is a good alternative if you need to "burst" occasionally, Or have months of heavy "Holiday" traffic followed by light office traffic. A metered T1 line is also used as a backup or "Shadow" connection to your main T1 line- adding diversification to your mission critical connection.

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A Multi T1 line can be grown from 3mbps to a max of 9mbps. The T1 lines are bonded together to give a virtual DS3 pipe. This is a good lower cost alternative to a fractional DS3 if you do not need to surpass 9mbps in the next 12 to 18 months.

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A T3 line is a dedicated digital connection that supports up to 45 megabits per second. Fractional DS3's range in speed from 3 mbps to 45 mbps. Used by large organizations, Universities, ISPs. Server hundred users can be online simultaneously.

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A dedicated digital connection 45-192 + megabits per second. OCx lines are used by large corporations or providers as backbone lines to the Internet.

Multi-Site Connectivity Get Quote
Connectivity in a blend of T1, DS3, Cable, DSL for multiple locations. Geared to large corporations i.e. Retail, Restaurant, Law Firms, with 10-5,000 locations and remote users.

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Voice Over IP. A broadband service that integrates telephone and High Speed Internet Services. VoIP is a cost effective way to reduce your business's phone and internet access costs by up to 50%, while streamlining communications services implementation and management.

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Virtual Private Network. A secure connection (dial or dedicated) that tunnels through the Internet via encryption. VPN technology is a cost saving alternative to a point to point "non internet" connection.

Firewall Security Get Quote
A firewall will control the traffic in and out of your network, and help prevent unwanted hackers from invading your infrastructure.

Glossary T1 line Metered T1 Multi T1 DS3 OC3 Firewall VPN


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