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A T1 line is a dedicated digital connection that supports up to 1.54 megabits per second transfer speed. A Fractional T1 line ranges in speed increments from 128k to 1544kbps (1544 kbps being a full T1). T1 line service is more expensive than DSL, but is much more reliable. It can be spelled either T1 line or T-1 line. They are one and the same. The best purpose and use for a T1 line is mission critical business connection purposes for when you cannot afford that your Internet will be down for any long extended period of time. Some business can literally lose thousands of dollars if their T-1 line is down for an entire day. We suggest avoiding DSL or Cable since network outages have been reported for as long as a day to a week with no service. In this time the T-1 line would have paid for itself even with the higher T1 price cost.

Metered T1 Get Metered T1 Quote Metered T1 Quote
Same technology as a T1, but you pay as you go. A low flat fee from $75-$150 is charged monthly plus your usage with a total cap of $400-550. A Metered T1 line is a good alternative if you need to "burst" occasionally, Or have months of heavy "Holiday" traffic followed by light office traffic. A metered T1 line is also used as a backup or "Shadow" connection to your main T1 line- adding diversification to your mission critical connection.

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A Multi T1 line (or Multi T) can be grown from 3mbps to a max of 9mbps. The Multi-T T1 lines are bonded together to give a virtual DS3 pipe. This is a good lower cost alternative to a fractional DS3 if you do not need to surpass 9mbps in the next 12 to 18 months. A DS3 line has very high local loop fees and in this case a multi T would make more economic sense. T1 stop shop also specializes in setting up corporate multi site T1 or multiple location offices together on the same network.

T1 line T1 price T1 cost and T1 quote information


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